Upcoming E-course to be released soon:

Busy Mom Meal Prep Course!

Teaching you how to build a healthy, delicious plate with ease! Save time and money meal prepping, delicious recipes, meal building techniques to help you hit your goals, and much more!

Workplace Wellness/Presentations:

You can’t have a healthy company without healthy employees!
Fuel for Life offers a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of your workplace and your employees. Let us help you increase the potential for productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve employee morale by supporting education and healthy choices. And the best part is, we come to you!
Our programs provide the tools for comprehensive lifestyle change in an easy to understand format. We teach participants about healthy eating habits, the importance of physical activity, and a range of other topics that help reduce the risk of chronic illness. Services offered:

Healthy Cooking Demo: From snacks to samples of healthy meals depending on the space/equipment available.

Fuel for Lifestyle Change Course: A 6-week course providing your employees with a 45 minute nutrition education and 30 minute group exercise class.

Nutrition ​Chats: Example Topics include:What’s the deal with Fad diets?, Why am I always hungry?, Meal Prepping For A Healthy LIfestyle, Healthy Eating During the Holidays. Raising Healthy Foodies, and much more!

1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling

On-site Metabolic Testing

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