The keto diet is a metabolic therapy that uses diet to maintain a state of ketosis which occurs in the absence of blood sugar. Rather than utilizing glucose, the body breaks down fats and proteins provided by the diet or body stores. The body then breaks down triglycerides from fat stores into ketones, which are then ussed as an energy source.

Weight loss:

short term goals are focused on with this diet and it can be difficult to maintain longterm. It is also very challenging to eat such minimal carbohydrates that you go into ketosis, thus, can be a time consuming diet as well.


This diet emphasizes fat intake, including saturated fat. There is inconclusive evidence on how heart healthy the keto diet can be. However, we do know high saturated fat consumption is associated with heart disease risk.


Everyone’s metabolism is different and the ketogenic diet may not be the best fit for every individual. Cutting out starchy carbs long term is a drastic shift for many people.


Consume a diet that is full of nutrients, easy to maintain long-term, and fits into your lifestyle.


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